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OSE Data Privacy Statement

Who is our Data Controller

The person responsible for collecting and processing client data in accordance with the EU GDPR guidelines is Paul Bremer. He can be contacted via

Purpose & legal basis for data collection

OSE require client details in order to enter into a contract to provide DJ services to such clients. Such data will be used solely for contact between OSE and their clients, for event planning and for accounting purposes.

What data do we collect and why?

Typically we collect a minimum amount of personal information including client's name, postal address and contact telephone numbers. These are on the booking confirmation form which each client is required to sign and form the basis of the contract between an individual and OSE. Once the booking form is returned, these details are then manually entered on to the DJEventPlanner database. Once a client is recorded on the system they have the opportunity of adding additional information including birth dates, wedding dates etc in order to personalise the service provided by OSE. During each event, OSE may take photographs of guests which may be uploaded to our website for advertising puposes with the clients consent

Consent to collect personal data

Each client will confirm their consent to OSE collecting and using their personal details as above when completing a booking confirmation form

Who else has access to your personal data?

OSE use the services of to host a planning portal database on which client information is stored and processed. Each client has access to their own data via an individual logon and they can edit any details they wish. OSE will retain client details on the system for a maximum period of two years after an event for accounting reporting purposes. DJEventPlanner has it's own GDPR policy and OSE, as it's client, have accepted their own privacy policy. Our clients may be required to sign their own agreement when they log in to the client portal from time to time

Your legal rights

We have a duty to our clients to ensure their personal data is not misused in any way. Only the data controller identified above has access to client booking details and the DJEventPlanner system. DJEventPlannerhave their own employees who are responsible for maintaining their own database infrastructure in accordance with their own policies. You have the legal right to lodge a complaint against OSE and we will undertake to respond to your complaint within the statutory time frame. Should you request it, OSE will remove all your details from the database at your request but will keep a copy of your basic contact details for accounting purposes only.

IMPORTANT: You have the legal right to lodge a complaint against OSE with the Information Commissioners Office if you feel that your rights under the GDPR have been compromised in any way