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Video Horse Racing Night

What's Involved


A race night is a great way to raise funds, and brings all the excitement of an evenings racing to your Club or Charity. We can provide a partial meeting (4 races) or a full night (8 races) PLUS a Dual Forecast or Double Forcast race for a jackpot win !!!! You can even combine it with an after race disco to keep the party going

Let us take the stress out of organising your next charity event. At Old School Entertainment we can assist in planning the perfect race night, whether as a fundraiser for your local sporting club or for a designated charity, we'll pull out all the stops with ideas to maximise your profits and host an unforgettable night. We provide all you need for a successful and entertaining racing night including a projector and screen, 9 selected race videos, race card, advertising posters, betting slips and of course the master of ceremonies. All you need to tell us is which organisation will benefit from the race night and how much you are trying to make from it.

How To Raise Funds

  1. Sell entrance tickets for £2 - £5 each
  2. Prior to the event get each race sponsored for between £10 & £20 by groups or individuals in your community or organisation - They don't get anything out of it except for the chance to name the race and select (at random) which video will be their race on the night.
  3. Sell each horse in every race for £3 with the winning owner getting a prize fee of £10
  4. Sell the job of being a jockey for each horse in a race for £2. The winning rider can be given a free drink at the bar as their prize!
  5. Keep the betting simple! Each bet costs £1 with a 50/50 split between the winning horse and your fund. Each person who bet on the winning horse then gets an equal split of the prize total
  6. If you sell every ticket on the Dual Forecast or Double Forecast sheets for £5 each thats a total of £140 or £280 respectively to split between your fund and a single winnner!
  7. Finish the night off with a free disco afterwards - try to get them to put all of those winnings back over the bar!!!



Musical Bingo

If a race night isn't for you we can also do musical bingo - just like normal bingo except instead of numbers being called out, a 15-20 second music clip is played and the players mark off the artist & title on their score card. Winning calls can be line, corners or Full House to win. This game is so easy and fun we even had a weekly street version with the neighbours during lockdown and over Zoom!

How you do the prizes is up to you.. a box of choccies, a free drink or a cash prize

Choose individual rounds from the 40's & 50's, 60's & 70's, 80's & 90's or 00's & 10's or go for broke with 4 games covering the last 70 years to really test everyone's musical knowledge!

Whatever you are fundraising for, you'll be hard pushed to find a more enjoyable way of getting cash out of people than Musical Bingo!

How much you want to sell tickets for is again entirely up to you.. work out how much you want to raise, add on our fee & the cost of prizes and then divide by the number of games you want to play (each game lasts about 30 minutes)

A simple fun way to raise £££'s for your chosen charity, local sports team or good cause.

Just like the horse racing, why not finish off the night with a free disco afterwards